The Starting of Double D Distribution

I bought my first truck in the spring of 1984. My brother John and I were 50/50 partners on a 1973 cab-over International 4070. We called our company J&M Transport. That year we hauled hay on a flatbed and gravel in belly dump trailers.

We spent the summer of 1984 working for L.A. Young Construction Company raising the I-80 freeway which was then under water north of Grantsville, UT. In the winter we hauled hay to dairies and horse owners.

In 1985 I bought a 1979 cab-over Freightliner. John and I then decided to have our own companies so he took the International and I took the Freightliner. That ended J&M Transport and began the company that in 1990 I named Double D Distribution. It has grown from one truck and myself into what it is today – a fleet of over 30 trucks and drivers with more than 75 trailers.

– Mark Droubay